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Catching my breath and cleaning

20 bags of fleeces to go through.  It was so fun to view each of them under the sun bleached tips as they were sheared.   Today,  I’m catching my breath, taking the day more slowly, and cleaning up.  The fleeces are nearly all at the house now (warmer here), the garbage has been taken care of and the stalls are also cleaner with fresh hay for all to eat.

 I thought we might have a birth, but that is probably waiting until I am fast asleep, though I prefer to be there in case of trouble.  It’s difficult to tell when babies are coming and if I wait up – well you know about the “watched pot”.   My friend was sure that one of her ewes was going to pop each day for 2 weeks as she was so big, but in the meantime two of her other ewes not as big decided to deliver some surprises.   One just doesn’t know until it happens.

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