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Is responsibility obsolete?

After the gym yesterday, I decided on a trip to the chiropractor, which I had been putting off.  I was able to get in quickly because someone cancelled.   I texted my Monday helper asking her to feed the puppy and give hay to the sheep as soon as she arrived, only to find out that she had no plans to come.   She has arranged to do something else for the next few Mondays, but she would be happy to make it up another day.   (I really don’t think the animals want to wait)

Now I use this as an example, but it is not unique.  The plumber, the fellow who is clearing out some of the blackberries, and so the list goes on and on.   Appointments are made, work is to be done by a specific time and nothing happens.   I am told this is the new reality.  Don’t expect anything, because people will get to it eventually when they have time .   Then why do they make appointments or think I should pay immediately?   Using this logic, shouldn’t I be able to pay them when I get around to it?

Is this unique to where I am because there is a shortage of people wanting to work? OR am I just way behind in reality?  I  learned that when people are waiting for you and you don’t show, you are stealing their time.

I did the chores that I could and DH and I made a quick trip to Costco before I came home to a one hour phone conference that lasted 2 hours.   Finished the animal chores and had no energy left to make an October “to do” list.   But then maybe that’s okay.  October will be for catching up – cleaning piles that have been building over the summer and house cleaning that had to wait until gardening and canning were finished for this year.

I still have grapes to pick and apples aren’t here yet.   We made over 50 quarts of grape juice and while we enjoyed some, there are still more than 40 quarts for the winter.  The rest of the grapes will go into the freezer to be made into raisins as we have the time.   We are out of split peas which should be in by the end of the month and then I can process those.  Meanwhile, we will take a week off for traveling this month and I will work on finishing bits and pieces of projects nearly done.    With some extreme luck, I may tuck some knitting into the month.



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  1. I hear you about the “lack of responsibility” – it isn’t a problem just in your area – it’s alive and well here too! Add to that, the attitude of “You don’t pay me enough to care” (minimum wage here is $11.40 / hour, going up to $14.00 / hr in January. We should get REALLY good customer service then!). What happened to accountability? manners? commitment? Don’t tell me that they’re all old-fashioned ideas…