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Coats and shoes

Look how pretty those white coats show up.  Give them two weeks and they will no longer be white until washed again.

Today the coats that we took off yesterday were washed and marked with the size ready for wear next time.And we went shoe and boot shopping.   This is all we came home with.   Is it really necessary to have all those psychedelic colors on street shoes?   It was difficult to find comfortable shoes that were “plain”.   I utterly failed on the boots as I need something very “farm” practical that zips up.   Another day, I’ll look again.

I was going to make red socks, but since we’ll be doing some travel, I decided on something happy that would have an easy to remember pattern.   So this is what I have chosen.  I haven’t started them – only selected the pattern and yarn.   I made this yarn up last year in another pattern.  I absolutely love the way it wears and washes and dries in the regular wash.

We received word that an acquaintance in Santa Rose, CA was burned out yesterday in the “out of control” fires.   They had to leave with what was on their backs.  Two of their married children in the area, also lost their homes and everything inside.   Fires are so devastating because so many tangible memories are turned to ashes.  We are very thankful that all members of the families were able to get out safely.