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Grapes and shopping

The grapes are all cleaned with another 6 gallon bags of grapes in the freezer waiting until we need heat.  Then we’ll put them in the dehydrator and make raisins. And we made 10 quarts of split pea soup.

Mid-morning it was off to Whole Foods shopping for items unique to Whole Foods.   This is a half day trip for us as we spend an hour getting there and then a couple hours looking at everything and another hour getting home (usually).  Today we stopped unsuccessfully at a shoe store.

And of course since we were gone over lunch time, we treated ourselves to an oversized burrito.  They are huge!   Then it was home for a rest and time to feed animals.

However, today we were special.   We have a rental where someone is imagining things and acting on them.  So I tried to put out fires that weren’t burning.   Just because one thinks something, does not make it so.    Rentals are NOT fun.  I’m hoping for a better tomorrow with perhaps some creative work.