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Grape clean up time

In Costco on October 1st.

Today my favorite sewing machine refused to work, so I tried the next favorite and it didn’t like the fabric, so that means a trip to the hospital for repair.   I hope that I find the time tomorrow.   It also means I didn’t sew today.

The grapes are finished for this season and

this crew was very willing to clean up the leaves and any left grapes that weren’t suitable for humans.

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  1. I hope that your machine is fixable! Mine went to the hospital this summer, but the part that it needed is no longer available, and I was given dire warnings that the “motherboard” was sure to crash soon as well. The shop owner then went on to highlight all the machines that they had on sale… I didn’t tell her that I had 2 more machines at home! Of course, I when I got home, I discovered that the one likes to sew 32 stitches to the inch, no matter what the setting…