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Costco shopping and garden work

 After gym this morning, we decided on a shopping trip to Costco to gaze at the toys and other Christmas things.    I think my grandsons have grown past that stage and will probably want games or money.  2 of them will be 13 this month.   However, we found some clothes and foods and managed to fill our grocery cart.   Checking out, the card did not work.   So we stepped to the side and called the issuing company.   The card was on a “fraud alert” which was resolved and we were able to bring all those items home with us.


I had plenty of help spreading the straw, actually they went to work after I laid the straw down.   Some of the straw was quite wet and a tad more difficult to lay in place, but my helpers made sure it was well spread.

img_5585aNow all this garden is ready for winter, except the strawberry patch and I’m not sure how to mulch that without killing the plants.   As you can see in the distance, even the pond, which has been dry since mid June, is now filling up.   Maybe, it’s filling because we had 10.04″ of rain in October.   Usually the pond is full about the first of October, so it had some making up to do.

Fall Time Change, Autumn Leaves and Alarm Clock with grunge wood with text Fall Back 1 HourJust a reminder that this is the weekend we lose an hour of sleep.  For us it won’t matter much, since the forecast is for rain.   But maybe, I’ll get some sewing or knitting time in.   What about  you, have you started more winter activities?

Happy Sabbath to you.





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