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Growing sweet potatoes education


Growing sweet potatoes this past summer is providing me with an education in how “not to”.   First of all, I have never seen them grown and wasn’t sure what to expect.  When I would dig a bit like with regular potatoes, I did not find anything.


I read that if the sweet potatoes are allowed to get below a certain ground temperature, they get hard spots that don’t cook soft.   So today, I dug them.   I really should have waited as they are still so small.  (lesson learned)   This is how they look underground and the roots manage to grow very deep.   Next year, I will buy some starts of sweet potatoes that have a shorter maturity date because I did enjoy growing them.   They took a good month to do anything and then they went crazy.



Here is a photo of my helper.   He is about 3″ across.   I wonder if he is the same one that was in the garden last winter or if he has many cousins living there with him.   Look how much he looks like the ground and I might have missed him had he not moved.


Just a tad early for Thanksgiving, but look how beautiful it is.