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Why we test quilts


There is no pay for testing quilts and often it isn’t a pattern I would have chosen.   I am testing this one, because the other testers were avoiding it.   However, it really needed to be tested before being published as there were a few errors that might make it become a ufo for someone.  I can’t show  you the quilt until September, but here is a section of the border.  One of the pieces was not quite long enough – so that will be a correction in the pattern.   Also I tried different methods of putting it together and decided one really needs to make a template for each half of the block to trim it before putting it together. It’s a pretty border, but also a more advanced one as there are 5 pieces to match in each half of the chevron.

Yes there are places it doesn’t match perfectly.   Since testers are to follow the instructions, some of the pieces are too short and I tried to make it work anyhow.   Some of the other mismatches are due to my imperfect sewing.

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