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It’s our annual strawberry day.    This means we pick up the strawberries we plan to put up for the year.  They are a full month early according to the grower.  We ordered 25 half flats which is 200#.   I’ve been getting 20 half flats (8# each)  in the past, but we used them all, so decided since DH likes them so much to get a few extra.   I think I was trying to kill us both.  I washed them as we were ready to stem them.

IMG_4655Then we both stemmed them and I sliced them when we had a quantity.   This is about 70# waiting to be bagged.   I put them in the refrigerator and we had lunch of potato salad and a green salad.   Then we went back to work.


Mid afternoon it was time for our dessert.   This is cashew cream over the berries.  Then back to work again

IMG_4658We bagged them with about 6 cups to the bag and ended up with 50 bags.   So he can pull out one bag a week.   They are all safely in the freezer and since we have some berries in the garden, we will be eating those and leave these until the garden ones are done. By then we will have forgotten how much work was in them.

IMG_4659All 25 boxes are now empty and the clean up is done.   We are exhausted!   We started on the berries at 10.30 this morning and took about an hour for lunch and animals, finishing at 7.30.  I am so grateful someone else did the backbreaking work of picking them And that we’ll not be too stiff for Yoga tomorrow.