Daily Archives: June 9, 2016




Red varigated summer socks

IMG_4674We get venison scraps in the fall for our dogs.  They come packaged in the large banana boxes with 40-50# of meat in a box, frozen.   So when we have room for separate packages in the “dog” freezer, we thaw it out and repackage it into daily portions.   This was one of the morning chores today.



When that was done, I started another pair of short summer socks, because after counting, I need at least another 5 pair for this summer.  One should not have to wash more than once a week and then sometimes, it is a tad longer.   So rummaging through the scraps, I like this variegated red yarn and had this other yarn that had some of the reds along with whites and blues.   I took time to go to the dentist and when I returned, I definitely needed something to sit and do.  I have just finished the heel and picked up the instep heel.  If this isn’t enough yarn (after weighing), I’ll look for another solid to go with them.  Or maybe the blue-gray and white that I have would work.

How many of you are now knitting socks – even summer socks?  And how many of you are mixing the yarn left from other socks to make a new pair?  I’d like to think that I have company.