A Reason to Launder


Here is the reason that I launder each quilt that I make before it leaves the house.   I would hate to have recipient get a quilt and then have problems.    These quilt squares were made from fabrics that were already squares which makes them difficult to preshrink, so that didn’t happen.   IMG_4650

They frayed more than a quarter inch in places.   I’m not sure if this was because of the fabric shrinking or if they were just fabrics that fray a lot.   I have made more than a hundred quilts and never had this happen.IMG_4651

So I pulled the fabric back  under and hand sewed the various places that came apart.   Next week sometime, I will go back over all the seams where the square meets the yellow as that is the place they pulled apart, using a several step zigzag.   That should hold them.   I just didn’t have time to do it today.   (there was more work outside to be done)

As far as the blog is concerned, the quilt is finished, but I want to make absolutely certain no one else gets a bad surprise.


2 Responses

  1. jatshaw says:

    Everything here has taken a backseat to yard work! Love that quilt, but sounds like it was a bit of a pain.

    • sharon says:

      Thank you – I think I learned not to trust those layer cakes the companies love to sell. Though I have used some before and not had a problem. I was given these so have no idea what company it was. The strange thing was that only the solid colors pulled like that. The printed ones were fine. Now out to water.