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Summer Shine

I have started back to the gym, so that sets me back about 2 hours each day that I go, between the time I leave and get back.   But our medical insurance gave us Silver Sneaker cards which allows us to use the gym free.   So we’re using it.

After lunch it was a doctor appointment to have my knees checked.   4 years ago, the x-rays showed very little if any cartilage between the bones on the right knee and she told me I was ready for surgery, but that if I wanted to put it off, I should start consistently doing a lot of walking.   So I did.   Today, the x-rays actually showed a better knee with more space between the bones.   She didn’t know why because cartilage does not renew itself.    But I’m to just keep on doing what I’m doing to put off surgery, as I don’t need it at this time.   That was TERRIFIC news.

IMG_2998Since this is a baby quilt, only 30 x 30 and needed minimal quilting, I pulled it out of my flimsy pile and finished it.    It was a sample I did to test a pattern and I think it will be cute wrapped around a baby.    It needs to be washed and dried, but is finished!

Have a blessed weekend.

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  1. Judy S says:

    Nice quilt, and glad for the good news. Keep it up! have a nice weekend.