Today after breakfast, we, no I, decided to do our workout.   So we took the mattress off our king sized bed, then proceeded to reverse the sides of each set of box springs.   What a difference that made.   When one often sits on the side of the bed, it gets a bit weak, so by changing them around, we probably will get another 2 years out of this mattress set.   And that was a big workout!

Then while I spent time on the phone with Carbonite (I recommend them to anyone who doesn’t want to lose info on the computer) DH went to get more feed.  When he came back we put it in the garbage cans for that purpose.


After a late lunch, I had time to work in the studio, which convinced me that I may not be totally sane.     This has been on my desk for a very long time, Copyright is 1993.   I have no idea when I bought it nor did I remember even cutting these pieces out.   The finished size is 18.5 x 16.5″.  The pattern is meant to hang on the wall to pin lapel pins on.


I found two sets of these vest backs with instructions to “turn under raw edges of armholes, shoulder and neckline 1/8″ and applique edges to background fabric.”   And I have 24 of these!


This is the other set.  These vest fronts were sewn, but not turned.   You see there is one missing in the upper right and the first set (above this)  have only backs.   There is no additional colored fabrics, and only a bit more of the white background.   The fronts are attached only at the shoulders and many of them will have an inside pocket – also hand sewn.   This is how ufos are created.   So now I have what little vests have been sewn, turned.   I will put it away for awhile.  Maybe I’ll run out of something to do and figure out what to do with this.


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  1. Judy S says:

    Looks very time consuming!