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Fallen deer and ?sewing


Last night at dusk, we found we had a dead deer by the driveway.   So this morning we made many phone calls while government departments passed the buck and gave us wrong phone numbers.  The wildlife people won’t come out unless it was poached.   Now how would I know that?  Well, they could come inspect and if was an attempted poach, they would take it, but if not, they would leave it.   Seemed like a waste of my tax dollars.


We finally had someone tell us that while it is on our property, no one will touch it.  Move it off the property and they have to deal with it.  So DH took it up to the corner where the school bus turns around and another neighbor reported it.   They probably didn’t want school children seeing it as it was removed.


So after a workout, cleaning, and making a meal, there wasn’t a lot of my day left.    I started to make this cute little quilt, but stopped when I couldn’t find my roll of double stick stuff that I just purchased.   I need it to do eyes, wings, etc.  And this is how UFOs happen.


So I moved on and cut out 4 doll raincoats.   Once cut out, I should be able to get them all done in the coming week.  The plastic is really cute tweety bird fabric that I think was intended for children.   I am lining it with solid yellow.

Have a great Saturday and I’ll see you back here Sunday evening.

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