A new start

I’ve been looking for something that goes together quickly that I can make for the displaced people in the eastern part of my state.   I have made this in baby sizes before, but this time I want to make one larger.   It is called “Warm Wishes” and it looks like more work than it is.    There are several sizes on the net or you can do your own size. The secret to it looking like more work is in how the blocks are turned as the blocks are all the same size.

IMG_3153OK, I cut all the strips according to the instructions and sewed these 3 colors together selvage to selvage.  Can you see how the lower one bows?   That is because I should have sewed down one side and up the other side instead of starting both from the same side.   Starting every other row from the other end will keep your strips straight.    I sewed all my sets of 3 then


started cutting them into blocks.   Now they are all cut out and next time I come to sew I can sew them together.


See how the one color surrounds the print and the other color is at the other end of that block.


Now you can start to see the pattern start to develop.   Next time, I come to sew, I will sew these squares into rows and then the rows together.   Then I will be ready for borders.   Who is sewing with me?

2 Responses

  1. Judy S says:

    What a nice idea and sure to be appreciated.

    • sharon says:

      I’d rather be making quilts than going through what they are going through. Saw photos of burned forests with dead bodies.
      Really bad. You make quilts. If you want to make one, I’ll make sure it gets to the right people.