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A lovely afternoon


After gym today, a friend came over and we went over some quilts she wants to make/have quilted for the displaced people in Eastern WA.    It truly was a lovely afternoon and as you know, the topic is never strictly adhered to, so she updated me on some things in Australia.

She is working with a 4H group over in Eastern WA that will be handing the quilts directly to the recipients.  Some of them are also involved in learning to sew a quilt top.   A 13-year-old girl sewed this one together.   It is roughly 80″ square (before quilting)    I have sewn the back together and mounted as much as I can.   It is large enough I had to preshrink a new piece of batting.   Knowing this particular batting shrinks a fair amount, I didn’t want to take the chance of quilting it without preshrinking the batt.


Here is a loom that I was given.   It will sit until I have a reasonable amount of time to figure out what is what.   Or until Mary comes over and insists we figure it out.

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