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Crazy day in crazy week.

Crazy days and crazy weeks leave one a crazy life.

Yesterday’s went like this.  When DH got up, he reminded me that I was to take him to a Dr. appointment in Seattle, which is a one hour drive each way, so  I called the girls that are learning to garden and asked if they could come in the morning instead of the afternoon.

I then called our friend to ask about the water system and he told me he had taken his truck to have work done and he was stranded half an hour away.  So off I went to rescue him.  When I got back the girls were here so we worked on fertilizing and planting beets.   When they were comfortable doing that, I came in the house and had a quick breakfast and DH and I headed to his appointment.  We  were blessed with good driving conditions and the appointment was short.

When we got home, the lady who does fence work was here to see where our fence problem was.   I did not know she was coming.   We went over what she found and she will be replacing some very old fence posts

I don’t even remember lunch so it was probably left overs.

I changed into farm clothes and another friend that I invited over the day before showed up.   She is such a delight and we enjoy her company so very much.   She wanted to see the babies that were  born Friday morning – a surprise – because I didn’t that that breeding was successful.  So we visited while she took lots of photos as I fed the sheep    I felt refreshed when she left.   Yes, it was a crazy day, but a very good one.

There are other appointments and the girls are coming back 5 days a week, to help and to learn.  They are unusually polite and attentive teenagers.  Today they learned to drive the tractor.

DH and I spent 3 hours this morning and got the stalls cleaned.   I don’t like to let it go more than a week, because it gets hard to clean.

This is the 4th set of black twins this year.  Both are ram lambs and will be sold as fiber pets.   Apparently this hen wanted to be in the photo and if this is what it takes, she is willing.

In between the craziness, I have been altering sheep coats and spinning.   I’ll update you on that soon.