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Lambs and socks


Ondine had her lambs, but her daughter was Zelda was not far behind.

 One more mother this month and two next month, will finish our breeding season.



I wore these socks one time and something happened in the washing machine.  I tried to repair them, but they were too far gone.   I set them aside for months.  Finally, I had to face them.  I cut off the foot of the socks and raveled it back to the heel turn.   Then knit them back to the end of the instep and kitchener stitched the two halves back together.   Not perfect, but feel good and not noticeable.  I can wear them again.  Since I spent time waiting for people this week, my options were going to the kitchen and find something good to eat.   Sorry, I didn’t buy anything really good to eat because what comes in the house, gets eaten.   My other option was to keep my hands busy.   Look what I finished!

And because you need a photo of the geese, here they are taking the babies to the pond.