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More babies are arriving


I miscounted, thinking all the sheep were in for the night.  When I went out in the morning this one was freshly born.

 More babies are arriving on a fairly regular schedule these days, which means more cleaning, and other duties.  So far 7 ewe lambs and 3 ram lambs.   We will be seeing new ones over the next month.   These are all Cormos.   When they are done, the Shetlands will start.   One never tires of seeing new life happen.

Did I mention more cleaning?







And here is what happens if you just can’t wait your turn for the nest and don’t want to go find another.  The hen below was just a bit smarter and used a lamb jug.  It didn’t bother her one bit that there were lambs there as she only needed a small corner.

Sometimes the work is hard and one is usually very tired at the end of the day, but I love that this is a very rewarding way to get my exercise.

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  1. Jannette B. says:

    Congrats on all the new arrivals! We always hoped for lots of ewe lambs, but knew that we’d have lots of market lambs when they were ram lambs…
    I always loved those little wriggling tails when the lambs nursed!