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We ordered this 30 x 40′ roof in August.  It has had several promise dates.   But now it’s here and erected and the animals will have more dry  space and less mud.  I am so happy to have it, but it is the worst company I have ever worked with.   So this was Friday’s excitement.

Working backwards, my friend, Mary and I went to the Sew Expo Thursday for 3 hours.  We wore our feet out shopping fast and spent very little    However, I did find a company to process my wool that I can drive to instead of paying those horrible shipping costs.  Plus she specializes in fine wools, which I have.   We will try to get to her shop this week and see what she can do.   Her yarns at the Sew Expo were incredible!

Wednesday, Beau went back to the specialist to have the eye with glaucoma removed.  He is doing very well, except with the E collar, he runs into things that won’t bother him when it gets removed in another week.   His first two days, he was hurting a bit and really wanted to be babied, but he’s over that now, and wants to be outside telling off the coyotes that come to near his property.   We will hear when we take him back what they found in the eye.  The vet said he doesn’t see this breed with glaucoma.

Tuesday, I mentioned the new babies who are now growing so fast.  We may get another one or two tonight.   The ewe was acting a bit off and shows signs of wanting to birth soon.

And did I mention the snow is gone and the sun is out – though cold – and I am appreciating it.  Spring is coming and we are so ready!