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The weather has  been marvelous, so we have been working on infrastructure.  And that included canning various kinds of beans and split pea soup for quick meals.  I think we did about 80 pints.

These little ones had their limbs mixed together and had to be pulled on Friday.

I wasn’t at all sure they were going to make it, so made many trips to the barn helping them figure out how to use their constant milk supply.  Here they are this morning, bright and perky.

Here is the walk up to the barn.  You can see the garden boxes we are putting in off to the right.  The road has more gravel and been regraded.  The compost piles have been turned.

The sheep are off to the left just waiting for the pastures to get tall enough for them to enjoy.

Laugh of the week!.  Bracken does not understand why this sheep is not moving when she asks her to.   I finally just put the sheep in a closet.

My forecast says two more days before the rains set in.   Let’s see how much we can get done.  Hopefully at least the garden boxes as I am late with planting some of the produce.

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  1. Jannette B. says:

    You’ve been busy! I’m glad that you caught the little lambs in time to deliver them safely – and they’re looking good!
    Thanks for the pictures of your walk to the barn and the work in progress. Looks like there’s lots to keep you busy still.