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Swollen wrist

What an experience – not to be repeated.   It was so wet when I cleaned the barn last week, I put down extra shavings.  That worked great because it was much easier to clean this week.  The problem: because of less weight I used the shovel instead of the pitchfork.   That would have been okay if I had handled it like the pitchfork.   Instead, without realizing it, I used a different motion. I have been unable to use my right hand because of a swollen wrist from muscles not usually in play.   For an extreme right handed person, eating or writing left handed is a challenge.  Needless to say, I felt very tied down during those days and I am so happy to have wrists and hands normal again.

Before the wrist incident, I knitted these socks to this point, but find I don’t like this wool and gauge for socks.  I will start over with a different yarn.


We have an adult son who lives in a part of the house and with whom we share a kitchen and laundry room.  I told him, it was his turn to buy laundry detergent.

Here is what I saw when I walked into the laundry room.   We only use 2 a year and he informed me that he had just saved us several trips to Walmart.  I don’t think that is the only reason I shop Walmart.   But we have laundry detergent for what looks like 4 years.  Sometimes, life is just amusing.

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  1. Gotta love those boys…. – at least he’s considerate!
    And no knitting project is worth working on if it just isn’t right – that’s the #1 way to end up with a UFO. Thankfully your wrist is back in action!