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Tomato sauce

It’s been bright, but freezing cold outside, so what better to do than processing food.

In  the summer, when time is at a premium, the tomatoes and other vegetables often get bagged and frozen for when there is more time.   So yesterday, I pulled out the tomatoes, peppers, onions, celery tops, and other items including small left overs to make a tomato sauce which simmered all day.   I started with 24 quarts of produce in 2 large pots.  This morning, we jarred and processed it.  I ended up with 12 quarts of tomato/spaghetti sauce.

This is what I saw walking up to the barn.   Such a nice ram.  It was cold and the hen found a warm woolly blanket.

The tree is standing now, the ornaments are pulled out and currently there is one big mess until the tree is decorated.