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God’s nudge

I have a long list of things I want to get done – just like most of you do.   Yesterday God ‘s nudge turned my path a different way.   I’ve been feeling guilty about not visiting my neighbor in the rehab home since she broke her hip.   Yesterday, she called and said “when you come today, will you bring….”   Well, I wasn’t planning on going, but decided that must be God’s nudge.

I went to the post office and got the stamps she wanted, then we went to visit her.  After that we stopped and did two other chores not on yesterday’s list.   The interesting thing was that I got everything done that needed to be done without feeling the normal stress.

Pierre is our dominant colored ram and has been in pain all week.  He is very weak and having a difficult time standing.  We called the vet who doesn’t know what is causing the problem.  So we are giving Pierre a shot of B vitamin + .

He dislikes the shot and does get up when getting it, but you can see he is not a bit perky.  He is eating, drinking, and eliminating normally, so we wait and watch a few more days.

It will freeze hard next week and then even these few flowers will be gone.  I will miss there happy yellow blooms.

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