Hospital Adventures

Just an update because I haven’t been here this week.   Monday morning DH woke up unable to get out of bed.  The neighboring nurse came over to check on him.  He has been in the hospital all week.   The Dr. says DH has been having silent mini-strokes, possibly over several weeks.  She believes that this and the Parkinson’s are both responsible for his condition.  We plan to go home tomorrow and get back to our normal schedule by the end of the week.  Thanks for understanding.

3 Responses

  1. I had wondered if something was going on. I’ll be praying for you both, and also for the doctors to be able to sort this out so you can get back to “normal”.

  2. Judy Shaw says:

    Oh, Sharon, so sorry to hear this. Hope your DH is feeling better and you can get back to normal real soon. Sending lots of hugs.

  3. Dar in MO says:

    Missed you. Saying prayers for you and your DH too.