Dentist and zippers

An hour drive to the dentist, an hour to clean the teeth and an hour back.   Plus I get to repeat it tomorrow since they had a cancellation and I have a small cavity.


By the time I returned home, the rain was coming down.  That seemed like a great time to start on my gift making.   I pulled out the long zippers that I like to buy when a store is having a close out – the same zippers that I rarely have a use for but can’t resist a 50 cent sale. 

This Lazy girl Sweetpea pattern calls for a 16″ or longer zipper for each little bag.  I now have 10 cut out and ready to assemble.   For me choosing the fabrics often takes more time than I think it should.  I’m all ready now to make these next sewing time.

2 Responses

  1. Dar in MO says:

    Very cute. They look like the perfect size to keep a small quantity of the little quilter clips.

  2. I’ve looked at that pattern so many times – the finished pouches are so cute… Just not sure what I’d do with them though!
    I loved your comment about not being able to resist a 50cent sale – reminds me of my parents…