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Challenges seem to be dominating my life lately and usually that’s good.   But right after I posted yesterday, I got a text from DH to come help him by the potato patch.   He had gone out to fertilize it because we were expecting rain today.  Apparently he felt weak and reached for the fence, but wasn’t strong enough to stay upright and went down.  He texted me to say he needed help outside by the gate.   When I got there, I found him in turtle position.  With Parkinson’s, it is easy to go over backwards.  He had been trying unsuccessfully to get up   I helped him to his knees, then called a neighbor to help me get him into the wheel chair.   The we got him into the car and off to urgent care we went.  Fortunately, he only hurt this arm and the doctor glued skin back together.

Challenges again this morning when two of our dogs escaped when the UPS man came.   After looking for them for an hour, I had to get DH to his hearing appointment , so just had a talk with God.   Interestingly enough my Bible reading this morning was about Mary telling Jesus they were out of wine.   She didn’t send someone to buy more.   In fact, she didn’t tell anyone her problem, just simply told Jesus her need.  So having to get DH to the doctor, I remembered to talk to God about my distress and yes, he used human neighbors to get the dogs home, but within half an hour of when I gave him the problem, they were back inside the fencing and a neighbor let me know they were safely back.

How many times does God help us and we don’t realize it?   My guess is,  most of the time.   I’m so glad He cares about the little things like a parking spot when desperately needed, or dogs so they don’t get hit by passing cars, and yes, even us when we fall.    I have so much to thank Him for on a daily basis.

We have an incredible God!  I am aware that many times I don’t hear Him and that sometimes because He sees more than I do, He decides to act differently than I ask, but even then, His answer is because He sees the future and cares about me.

And so now as the Sabbath draws near, I am looking forward to time He created for my renewal and our friendship.

And my prayer for each of you is a wonderful, peaceful weekend.