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Happy New Year and Decade


Yesterday was a family day to play.   I chose a rather challenging puzzle which may be here for the month.   It is interesting to watch people’s reaction.  Most people find it compelling to fit at least one piece.


The Great Pyrenees pups are now 9 weeks old and in with the sheep.   They are loving the additional freedom and room to explore.  So far they and the sheep are mostly eyeing each other     Tomorrow will be fun.   The neighbor and I are taking all 200 pounds of them to the vet for their official wellness visit.

I’m still trying to make ICLOUD work so I can access photos from both the upstairs and the downstairs computer.   So far, a lot of time spent and a big failure.  If you are successful, please let me know how to download and upload photos.

My prayer is for each of you to have a blessed year.

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