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Spinning Merino top

I find early mornings I am most productive, so I’ve been getting up and spinning until it is time to go to the barn and release the animals for the day.  Then I spin when I have little spaces of time throughout the day.   It never seems like I’m getting anywhere, but then the day comes and I’m ready to ply what I’ve spun.  This week was spent plying.    Today I finished plying the last of the Merino burgundy (lower photo is real color) and washed these hanks, then hung them out to dry. This amount of wool represents a huge amount of spinning hours.   I am hoping I have enough of the burgundy for a cardigan for myself.  After it is dry, I will rewind it and see how much yardage there is.

Now that this is done, I feel free to start working with some wool from this years lambs.   Today, I washed a small amount and now need to card and spin it.   So maybe sometime this fall, I will have something to show.  With this wool, I may make something small, like a scarf so I have something done from my sheep.

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