June 2019 garden

Here is a photo of the outside garden boxes.  Onions in front, with squash and corn at the other end.  The next two boxes are potatoes and the 4th box has beets, peas, green and yellow beans.  Each box if 4′ x 32′.

The upper hoop house has sweet potatoes (experimenting) and tomatoes fill the other half.   There are some unhappy banana plants on the potting bench and some citrus that are recovering from sunburn.

On the left the empty spaces are harvested greens, then purple Chinese cabbage, a green bok choy, carrots, radishes, salad onions, lettuce seeds, and the raised part at the end is strawberries.   On the right, the cabbage and celery  got burned due to my misunderstanding of the on and off buttons and we had a hot day and the fans were off.  They are starting to recover.   There are some healthy weeds at the far end and up front chives, harvested “cut and come again” lettuce and parsley.

The hanging basket has tomatoes, another experiment, while there are red, orange, and green peppers below.  There are beets and broccoli at the far end.   On the right, the cucumbers didn’t make it, so have some squash in the back and some melons in front    There is another box on the far right which is not yet filled with new dirt and a box across the back from which we have harvested some garlic.   The garlic is only okay, so will find a new location next year.

The upper hoop house, outside boxes and two of the lower hoop house boxes are new this year and we started late.   Hopefully next year, I will be able to start planting at the proper time.


3 Responses

  1. So glad to see your garden(s) flourishing! We had a very cool and extremely wet spring (no flooding here, thankfully!), but our garden went in really late too, and it’s pretty sparse – tomatoes, onions and peppers…
    Our black raspberry canes are loaded with fruit – hope to have a bumper crop!

  2. Judy Shaw says:

    Wow, you have lots of gardens! Sure is amazing how well the weeds grow, isn’t it? Hope you had a nice Fourth.

  3. Judy Shaw says:

    PS I tried commenting on your earlier posts but couldn’t. Just wanted to add that it’s good to see you back!