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Blessing of rain

It’s raining! It’s raining.  You cannot imagine the blessing of rain until you really need it.

Our back yard – as beautiful as this is – and it truly is beautiful. It is also difficult to take care of the livestock when snow is 12″ deep and coming in over the top of the boots. Did I mention, it is cold and wet and COLD?    Fortunately we prepare for this and don’t leave when it snows, there is plenty to keep us busy  This snow keeps returning.

 The dogs have been loving it!

 The house not so much, but will wait until this is over

My mornings consist of making meals and sitting in front of the fireplace alternating with the computer to work on the taxes.  Bookkeeping was badly neglected last year.   I must do better.

The blueberry and grape netting is holding so much snow that the 4 x 4s and the pipe are bent.  It has made a room under the netting .   So there will be some reconstruction this spring as well.

Last fall, I chose not to breed as early as I had before because February can be such a cold month.  It  is our worst winter month.  It looks like that was a good decision.  Babies are due starting in March.   Then, we will be even busier, hopefully without snow.  This rain is such a blessing, even for 2 days to melt the snow and get ready for the next batch.   Then the forecast is for more snow.  This is already one of the snowiest winters I remember.  I hope you are keeping warm.

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  1. Judy Shaw says:

    Every time my DH goes out to shovel some more, it starts to snow! Not a whole lot of melting here and no plowing on our road since late on Wednesday afternoon. It’s snowing like crazy now!