Basket play

Sometimes, one just needs to play, so today, I did a bit of basket play.  I cut out pieces of fabric 5″ square and make a tiny basket.  I made the seams 1″ on each side.   This one measures finished nearly 3″ across without finishing off the inside seams and about 2.5″ high.

Then I cut off the sides I had sewn and enclosed them in a seam. This then measures only 2″ across and is still 2.5″ high.  I pinned the sides down so you could see how it would look with a button.  But It is kind of cute with the sides up.   I will be making various sizes of these throughout the year to use for gift giving.  I can imagine one with home made spa ingredients, one with a recipe and ingredients.  These will be fun to think up and give.

2 Responses

  1. That’s really cute, and a great idea for gift-giving!