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Windy and powerless

OK.   I’m going to try to quickly write this between outages.       I don’t know how strong the wind is currently, but it blew out 3 of our 8 skylight panels in front of the house and that’s a FIRST.   We were also without power from about 9 AM until 2 PM and it flashes intermittently now.    So dependent am I on all these machines that use power that I could not use today.    Oh my!.   It makes me realize this world is very different from the one in which I lived even 20 years ago.    And the folks who don’t have a place to get out of the wind, how they must suffer!   It is forecast to be very windy through the night and cold through the coming week while adding rain.

   I did start a new pair of socks before the grandchildren and our daughter arrived for another Rummy cube game .   We went out to eat (oh, yes, electric garage doors and property gate with which to contend)  Then we came back to visit and play games.   9-year-old Bret was fascinated that one of the hens lays blue/green eggs.    He wondered what a hen would be worth is she could lay striped rainbow-colored eggs.

Then tonight, while it is very cold,  and I did not wear gloves, since I was going to dash out and feed the sheep.  One of them decided to go the wrong way.    Then the half-grown chicks couldn’t remember – or so it seemed – where the coop door was, so were running around trying to get in after the others were locked up.    It took half an hour of work in the freezing cold, but all the animals were finally where they belonged for the night and I came in to warm up.

Here is the pattern and the started socks.   Since I’m using size 1 needles, these will be going very slowly.

DSC00141 Novdec socks started DSC00140 Pattern

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