Win some, lose some

Today was spent trying to learn a new machine computer and so far it is winning.  I think it is time to let the computer and myself rest and retry tomorrow.    I have the quilt mounted and am ready to go when I get the tension right and the program booted.

DSC00127 mounted quilt

DSC00128 screen

3 Responses

  1. Liz A. says:

    what’s new about the machine computer? New software? I will be on a HUGE learning curve here shortly. Janet and I each bought new Innova LOng Arm machines. Hers is 22″ mine is 26″. It arrives in another week or so. Now if I could only find a new home for the HQ……

    • sharon says:

      I have upgraded and everything ABOUT IT = NEW WINDOWS VERSION, NEW SOFTWARE, NEW PROBRAMS.. I just have tons to learn.
      You and Janet appear to be moving up. How big will the throat be.