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Speed bumps

Speed bump #1.   WIND

The skylight windows were blown off the entrance and front patio last night with all the wind we had.   Here are the photos I have to share with you     In this first one, I’m standing under where the windows should be.

DSC00142 from inside

In this photo, you can see that one of each of the left three was blown up onto the roof

DSC00144 removed windows

And the partner of each of these three was thrown to the ground and broken.

DSC00145 broken windows

The poor Bantams had no covering over their heads at all.   Fortunately, they found refuge in the garage for the night or rest of the night.

DSC00146 shredded coop

Speed Bump #2   CRASH

That’s my computer hard drive that crashed and hopefully will be up and running again in a week.

Speed Bump #3   Quilt error

I started and got about 1 square foot of quilting done when the cord must have caught on something and the machine jumped out-of-place and I had the privilege of taking all those little stitches out.

I’m calling these speed bumps because I am very blessed.   The windows that broke were all outside the living area and we remained dry and comfortable.    I thought of all the people who didn’t have shelter and warmth last night and counted my blessings.    The contractor came by this afternoon and we will see how long the backup is for the insurance adjuster    But no matter how long, we are blessed as we DO HAVE WARM SHELTER for which I am very thankful.

For the chickens, tarps are inexpensive and they will be sheltered once again.   I’m thankful they have feathers to keep them warm.

For the computer issues, I thought about how incredible it was that a mere 20 years ago, I didn’t even know how to work one.   Now it seems that I am dependent on one to stay in touch with a bigger world.     And the words “Knowledge increases, men run to and fro” enter my mind as I type.     Again I am blessed that the repair shop is only a half hour away (when there are no trees across the roads) and that people there can help get me back in touch with all of you.

Quilt error:    I am so very, very thankful that I am not making these quilts by hand.   It just wouldn’t happen.   I pray for the recipients while making them, hoping they will feel warm hugs when they use them.

So the day only had minor bumps.    Maybe sometimes we just need to slow down and isn’t that the reason for speed bumps.



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