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Shirts and a skirt

Here’s another skirt and another little tee.   I actually did sew another pink one like yesterday’s top and two of these little Tees.    I’m surprised at how long they take.   Somehow it seems that since they take so much less fabric they should also take less time.   Not so.   Of course, right now, I’m just sewing separates.   Next I will need to find what goes with what and make the missing pieces of the wardrobe.

DSC00132 pink t, blue zebra skirt

This afternoon I made a successful trip to Wal-Mart for some sweatshirts.   But as I walked in the door, they had a few racks of leftover Halloween shirts at 75% off sale.     There is enough fabric in a shirt to make 3-5 doll shirts, depending on how much of the shirt is in design.   So I found a ladies s and a size 2X and I paid an average of $2.   The mottled orange is not something I would wear, so it was fun finding a different color.  (The black is a good black, not grayed like this photo).  I have been making them out of clothes that are too stained or have a hole in them.   Sometimes, too,  I get donations .

DSC00133 mottled orangeDSC00134 black


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