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Chicken freezer camp

Yes, there are a number of photos, but unless you request them, I’ll spare you .  I took the 20 chickens over to a friend’s place this morning and five were traded for 5 extra roosters that he had.   He wanted to keep the younger hens for layers.  The others were processed and are now in the dog’s freezer.  You might be interested in the fact that he pulled fully formed eggs with shells out of some  of the layers and behind this egg were 4 yolks in descending size waiting to have shells and be laid.

DSC00158 full egg inside

DSC00159  yolks

I bought some feed for the animals and came home.   We put all that away and headed off to get the last of the dog bones from the wild venison that will be available unless we find a new source.   I was pleased to get it as the dogs can spend a lot of time chewing bones instead of destroying other things.


We got home about dark and put the bones in the freezer.   It’s been a long cold day and we are very much enjoying the Sabbath rest.

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