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Child’s Sunbonnet Sue Quilt

The neighbor girl who has been helping by playing with the pups needed a quilt – or so the pups and I thought since she didn’t have one.   So I made this for her which is 50 x 60.   I “enveloped” it and used the butterflies and ribbons where our ancestors would have tied the quilt.  The backing is so fitting since we live in Western Washington where we are setting rain records lately.

Even the pups have been bored with the rain and mud.  They are finding indoor activities, called “Who can make the smallest pieces out of Mom’s calendar”.   

The other “fun” activity we have had this week is an unexpected population explosion.  6 new babies in the last 3 days.   Either the girls had secret dates or there was a very young boy that reached sexual maturity extremely early.  We did purposely breed 5 ewes that we believe are due in April, but those are not the moms giving birth.    Oh, what fun a farm can be!!!! Certainly not boring.

We have been relaxing by putting together jigsaw puzzles.   Somehow they calm the mind and give one space to think. 

But really, who buys purple sheets?   I guess it’s better than dying my hair that color.  It was a daring stretch for me.

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  1. That quilt turned out really well! I’m sure that your nmeighbour girl will be thrilled to receive it!
    Your new babies are SO cute! Wish we were back in the sheep business, but that’s not going to happen any time soon.
    Purple sheets? That’s a bold choice! You only see the colour when you make the bed and crawl into, or out of, it…