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Quilt that didn’t want quilting

 WOW!  I’m sorry for neglecting this blog so long.   I started this quilt a year ago and put it on the quilting machine early June.   I had plenty of time to get if quilted for a gift, but it didn’t happen.

First, I lost power and had to find the pattern again and set it up to fit as I was in the middle of a row.

After that, the computer on the quilting machine died and I had to get an upgrade as that one was no longer supported.   When that arrived, I had the machine serviced and the new computer adjusted.

Then I had to have the technician return as the program was not behaving correctly.  Even now, the thread wants to keep jumping out of the tension disc.

Then I ran out of the correct color of thread.  I bought more of the thread the end of February and tried to avoid going into the studio because this quilt just kept looking at me very accusingly.

The only sewing accomplished this winter was mending sheep coats.

Finally, enough is enough, and in order to get over this mental block, I took myself in hand and finished the quilt.   I had issues with thread jumping out of the tension disc and took the quilting out each time it did that and started over.  However, it is quilted.   As soon as I took it off the frame, I squared it up and bound it.   It is now on the way to its new home, and at last, the studio is once again calling my name.

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  1. I`m SO glad to see that you`re still alive! Seriously though, I was a bit concerned about the 2 of you, and I`m really glad to see you posting again!
    I`m also glad to see that you persevered with this `dificult` quilt – it looks great and I hope that your machine issues get sorted out really soon!