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Sheep shearing 2019

Sheep shearing 2019 with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is so good with the sheep, some appear to fall asleep while she is removing their fleeces.  It probably feels very good to get that heavy wet fleece off.  She spent from 9-5 and sheared half of the sheep.   The end of April we will get the other sheep shorn, (boys and some lambs).   The fleece is gorgeous and I will be putting it up for sale on Massena Meadows facebook and blog pages as we get it ready.

Back tracking a bit to Monday.

(in this photo, he was caught misbehaving)

Beau (dog) was crying when I went to the barn to feed the sheep and dogs. I petted him and he quit.  But it was the first time I had ever heard him cry.  Tuesday, he wouldn’t eat and as he is very food driven, there was no question that something was wrong.   We took him to the vet to learn he has glaucoma in the left eye and it is bleeding.  They kept him overnight to get the pressure down.  As they were unsuccessful, the next morning, we had to take him to an animal eye ophthalmologist.   We spent all day Wednesday at that clinic having tests run to find the problem.   Next Wednesday, I take him back to have the eye removed and eyelid sewn shut.  He can’t see out of that eye now.  The technician told us dogs compensate very well. Until surgery we have lots of eye drops and pain killer.   After surgery, we will see.

That took care of Monday through Thursday, but I had Friday to get something done.   Well, that didn’t happen as first I had no energy left, which must have something to do with age.

One of the barn cats had a very swollen jaw Thursday evening and couldn’t open her eye.  Our son was good enough to take her to the vet Friday.   She had 3 abscessed teeth removed and she will be fine.

The roof people called to schedule the roof addition to the barn for this coming Tuesday. (they thought they could put it up by Thanksgiving, but for sure by Christmas)  With everything ready for them, they called yesterday and rescheduled for Friday.   I think I’ve been chasing my tail this week and I’m   happy to come to near the end of it.

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  1. How is Beau doing – he’s had his surgery now?
    Hope your roofing people have finally shown up!