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Citrus plants, garden

Citrus plants in the Pacific NW:

In front is the lime tree – a bit straggly, but has three limes.




The orange tree has 3 large oranges, but they are so very green.   Does anyone know if they will still ripen? – They are in the heated hoop house.

Lemon lost one of its lemons so has one small lemon. 








The hoop house garden is nearly done for this year.  I still have to clean it up.  I picked what was left, and still have the aisles to clean.  There are new potato plants and garlic across the back a long with three kale plants.   There is some winter broccoli up front and that will be all we will do in here this year.

Will these tomatoes still ripen?

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  1. Judy Shaw says:

    It sure is chilly today, isn’t it? Hope your citrus trees are keeping warm and cozy!