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Shopping at JoAnn’s


I went shopping at JoAnn’s today for some Insulbrite to reflect heat for these potholders in the making.  Shopping at JoAnn’s can be a huge mistake.   I have plenty of quilting fabric, so that didn’t grab my attention, but just look!!!!


Can you tell how plushy and inviting these fabrics on either side of the white are.   They insisted on coming home with me. They weren’t inexpensive, but they were 1/2 off.   Does that count?   I would have loved a blanket out of such soft squishiness, but didn’t go that far.   Instead, I bought enough of each for a mobius scarf, but oh, I would have loved to have purchased more and just wrapped up in it.  (They really are gray as that was the only color they had, though black and even a brown would have tried to come home, had it been there.

After that expensive stop that should have cost less that $10, we went to Costco and yes, that costs more than $10 as well.   But mostly because we bought 200 forever stamps before the next 5 cent increase.  We haven’t purchased stamps in maybe 3 years and I was surprised to find they are now 50 cents.   So these stamps should get us through until they will prohibitive.

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  1. Judy Shaw says:

    Wish you were closer so I could have given you some Insulbrite from my stash! Yep, JoAnn’s and Costco are tempting places, and so are quilt/yarn shops; I did some serious damage at both lately. Sorry I’ve not commented recently; it’s been crazy busy.