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Super Scary Socks



Looking for more trouble,  I joined the group Super Scary sockshttps://www.ravelry.com/groups/search#view=captioned_thumbs&pp=1&query=super%20scary%20socks&psort=bes on Ravelry.  And yes, they are out of my comfort zone, but I have now cast the “Finding the Yellow Brick Road” socks onto the needles.   Let’s see how far I get with them.

The other fun things I did today included calling the vet this morning and asking about a charge.    It was a double charge.   Then I looked at my credit card bill and my utility bill.   Both were wrong.   Both payments had been credited to the wrong account.   I guess it was just my day.

But it ended well as we want to add a loafing shed roof to the barn so the sheep will stay dryer this winter.   I went to city planning and they had someone there who took the time to do the drawing for me that I needed, then look over my paperwork so I was able to submit it right then.   That was wonderful as it saved a trip and will speed up the process.

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  1. I have days that seem like whatever can go wrong DOES go wrong – and a few where everything goes according to plan – or even better! Glad that you had some of that too!
    Looking forward to seeing your socks! I’m trying to knit 2 (or maybe 3) pair for Christmas – I’ve turned the heel in the first sock – cast it on in May?