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Sheep housing


This is our latest sheep housing, which will protect about 7-8 sheep from the weather if needed and that thing in the middle is a feeder for winter.   We will put a breeding group in this area for two months.  We take a cattle panel which is 18′ long, bend it and attach to 4 x 4, railroad ties or whatever on each side of the bottom.  By attaching several together we can make the house as long as we need it and covered with plastic or a tarp, it will last 2-3 years before needing a new cover.   It makes a great chicken coop or just a storage shed as well.

We are still making applesauce and apple butter and will be for the next few weeks (on and off),   The apples are picked and the potatoes are harvested and we are making some slow progress.  But winter is getting closer with each day.