I had plans


Today, I had plans to make a  quick trip to the auto repair shop to get an estimate for a cap that was broken.   Then i would stop at the grocery store, pick up a few items, come home and clean the sheep pen that i didn’t get done yesterday.

God laughed because He had other plans.   I did go to the repair shop for the estimate.   In fact, I was there just before my 8.30 appointment.  Once the mechanic got the car up and the wheels off, he found the car unsafe to drive and would not let me leave with it until they had the dangerous items repaired (They have known us for over 30 years so we trust them).

At 11.30, I went straight home, and talked with my husband.   I relayed to him that the shop thought that 27 years and nearly 300,000 miles on that car was enough.  They explained the things they felt had to be fixed in the next few months if we kept driving it as the main vehicle.  This was not good news to me as I hate having to deal with cars and though I enjoy the fact they get me where I need to be, I don’t enjoy buying them.  DH has been after me for the past 5 years to replace this one and I kept putting him off.


So to better deal with all this, we first enjoyed our favorite Mexican restaurant’s offerings.   Then we set out to look at cars, really not knowing whether it should be a car or a small truck.   We did know we needed something easier for DH to get in and out of and possibly carry a lot of feed bags or a dog.

Since we have had Hondas for years and years and years, we started and ended there.   We chose a used car – 2015.   Then instead of my car we traded in his which was only 17 years old and opted to buy this CR-V as a “family” car.   We will keep my old car in case we need to haul sheep or ? until we do get a small truck. (I’ll try to get a better photo outside the garage when the sun shines again)

I am so thankful that God cares about these little parts of our lives.   He had this car waiting for us at the price we were willing to pay.  I never did get to the grocery store or get the sheep pen cleaned, and this was certainly not my plan for the day, but He knows what I need and when I   need it.   Before I knew what I needed, he set it all in motion.   What an awesome God!

2 Responses

  1. Wendy Carley says:

    God is good!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. We so often comment to each other that God’s answer to our problems / requests is often already on the way before we pray about it! SO thankful with you!