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Applesauce, raisins and darts

All the 40 of these have the darts cut now and are sitting at the machine ready to sew.40# of apples are now applesauce with another 60# in the wings.  I’d like to finish before Thanksgiving, but that won’t happen.

The crockpot is full as DH really enjoys the apple butter and that’s what much of this applesauce will become.And then the raisins!  I have had my dehydrators about 35 years and they have been very busy during those years.   One quit heating and the other got way to hot, so I now need to replace both of the heaters.   However the company has gone out of business, so I’m looking at other options.

For your enjoyment:  There are times the hay ends up on  someone’s back because they move just as I toss it.   As you can see, the one on top really didn’t care where the hay was as long as it was accessible.   She was quite willing to jump up on a back.

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  1. Judy Shaw says:

    Forty? You are amazing!