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Apples and bowls

Black Friday and I no longer have dates, so I moved on to other things.   Did you brave weather and crowds for a special priced item or two?   If you did, I’d love to know about it.

100# of apples are now all sauced and about half of that is now finished apple butter.   It seems to take longer than I remember it taking a few years ago.  Then there was a major cleaning job in the kitchen as I made some of the sauce each of several days without totally cleaning each time.   But now all is finished except the applesauce becoming apple butter in the slow cooker.

I was able to move on into the sewing realm.  These bowls are coming together one seam at a time.   Today I finished half the darts and then moved on to getting  this quilt on the machine.   My goal is to get it quilted and maybe finished before the end of the month which is this coming Thursday all ready.   Hard to believe isn’t it?


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  1. Judy Shaw says:

    No shopping here either. How many bowls are you making? Looks like you have the process down pat.