Daily Archives: November 16, 2017




Home again, Hurray! and Felici


Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.  We appreciated them.

This machine records echocardiograms.  It is fascinating to watch the heart as it pumps.  No problem with DH’s heart.   And truthfully I’m not sure what we are going to do differently.  He is back to normal now and the doctor said with exercise, the body will create new pathways to take the place of those that were blocked.  That leaves me not knowing how to try to prevent this in the future or when to know if there is trouble.

So what does one do when needing to relax?  Obviously, go to the sewing studio and sew.   There is a luncheon we are invited to tomorrow and the 4 ladies involved in the company will be there.  So I thought perhaps they would each like a pair of bowl cozies.   (https://craftwarehouse.com/sew-this-soup-bowl-cozy-free-pattern)  They are now ready to wrap.   It helped a lot that they were all cut out.

PS> Knitpicks has the Felici yarn back