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Bowl cozies



It’s time to think of gifts and here is another idea.   Today I selected fabrics for the microwavable bowl cozies,(https://craftwarehouse.com/sew-this-soup-bowl-cozy-free-pattern/ I’ll be making).  Of course, I was really getting my act together and had chosen and cut out the fabrics when I realized that a trip to JoAnn’s was in order.  Fortunately I had 2 60% off coupons, one for 50% off and a 25% off entire order.   Plus I was using a gift card, so my little excursion was inexpensive.  If you are making these to put into the microwave, it is imperative that every item you use is 100% cotton to avoid a fire.  Many battings have “scrim” on them which helps it to hold together, but it can also catch fire in the microwave.   If you are using the cozies only when you take the food out of the microwave, you can get by with that.   But since these will be gifts and my DH always heats his soup with the bowl in one of these, I play safe and pay the extra for this batting.  (If you click on the red, the website for the cozies should pop up).

These bowl cozies take 2 – 10″ squares of coordinating fabric plus the batting.  The pattern is on the website.  Enjoy making them.   I’d love to see a photo.

Remember the list I wanted to accomplish in November.   Now that it is Nov 10, I have finished one of the projects and started 2 more.  I’d better get more serious since there are 20 items on the list you saw, but more that weren’t on that list.