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This day was full of challenges.   First the weather with very gray skies and a real downpour, then the dentist which is not my favorite thing.   Oh, and yes, I missed the exit off the interchange half an hour away coming home. I’m not familiar with that exit and I get lost very easily.   So I turned on my phone GPS  and it insisted on sending me to Canada.   I had entered the house address correct, but hadn’t put in the city and state.   So that took me about 45 minutes to get all figured out.  What a relief it was to get on a familiar road again.  That essentially ate my day.   I fed the animals, then us and came to the studio to collect my wits.

These are the two little pea pods made today.  As you can see they are not perfectly the same size and that is because there is room for trimming if the edges didn’t exactly meet when folded.     Ideas for use:   paperclips, USB sticks, half dozen cookies (in plastic wrap), knitting markers, chapstick, small package of tissue.   I’m sure you will come up with many more ideas.   I will make 10-12 as I like to have them on hand because one never knows when a small gift will be needed.  And Christmas is coming.   If I have a small gift, this is the perfect wrap.